2. August 2019 | 1 min lesezeit

Eclipse MicroProfile White Paper 2019 (EN)

There it is! The new Eclipse Micro Profile Technical Whitepaper. In this technical white paper on MicroProfile, Lars Röwekamp explains why NOW is the best time for developers and users to adopt the MicroProfile APIs when developing microservices.

But why? The architecture of microservices is the most popular when it comes to building cloud-native applications. Time-to-market for new products is significantly reduced as each service is deployed individually. Thus, tests and changes do not affect other services. A well designed and properly sized microservices architecture helps to develop an application that is stable, scalable, and fault tolerant. Of course, this brings a lot of complexity, but with the right approach, this challenge can be tackled. The whitepaper gives a good insight.

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