9. März 2020

DevOps Gathering 2020

The Devops Gathering will take place in Bochum from March 9th to 11th, 2020.

As a Silver Sponsor we present ourselves as part of the community in NRW. For OK, Stephan Müller will offer the following on site:

The Software Factory – Why technology is not enough:

Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment has become to a success factor for agile software companies all over the world. To be able to deliver software multiple times a day and not only once or twice a year had massive impact to their business and a role model for dev and ops teams which began to establish efficient and fast running software assembly lines and flexible production environments. But the even the best technology will not lead to minimal release cycles if the rest of your company is still stuck in old fashioned ways of planing projects, wirting requirements and modelling architectures. The session shows how collaborative workshop formats like Event Storming, User Story Mapping and other agile methologies changes your way and empowers you to develop and release high quality software the push your business in minimal time.

Testing with Containers:

Enterprise projects and the resulting challenges are complex by definition. How to master such a system and realize short “time-to-market” cycles at the same time without negotiating regression errors? The answer is as easy as simple – extensive automated test suites which continuously accumulate the errors back flow. But how to setup these tests when dealing with numerous services, databases, message brokers and other infrastructure to be integrated. At this point Docker comes into the game, which enables us to run an production-near setup in the developer machine as well as in multiple staging environments. The workshop demonstrates how to set up practical tests for Enterprise projects with Docker Containers and the testcontainers framework

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